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94 days ago / CreepShots

As the site is still relatively small I have decided against a total rewrite as it is not worth my time right now. I have cleaned up a lot of unneeded options as well as rearranged some things on the front end.

115 days ago / CreepShots

I spent some time updating the site today. We also moved to a new domain (.co instead of .io). There are still adjustments to be made.

255 days ago / CreepShots

Over the next month we will be overhauling We have been growing great and have recently passed 1,000 Creepshots and with that time we have seen where we can improve the site and offer a better experience overall.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new look!board

270 days ago / CreepShots

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, we are using mostly free software where we can to keep costs down. We currently have no plans to show ads but we will never rule them out. In order to keep that going as long as possible we have been using a service to compress each image uploaded in a lossless manner to squeeze every bit of disk space and bandwidth we can get out of our server and CloudFlare.

That service has proven to be unreliable and would cause some uploads to fail. Today we moved to a new service with hopes of this improving or completely disappearing all together. So far, the results are promising.

We have also started coding from the ground up a new site that will hopefully replace the current software that is being used here. As long as we show promise and growth we will continue to work on the site, so keep uploading and creeping!

279 days ago / CreepShots is growing. We now have 550 unique Candid and Creepshot photos with more and more added each day. As a reward, the person that uploads the 1,000 photo will be rewarded with $25 in bitcoin. All that you need to do is have your Bitcoin address in your settings area and the person that uploads the 1,000 Creepshot or Candid photo will be sent $25 to that address.

If the person that uploads the 1,000 image does not have a Bitcoin address or the person that does it is me, the next person that uploads a unique creepshot or candid photo will be awarded the money.

Can’t get any more simple than that! Happy shooting!

291 days ago / CreepShots was created to fill a void that exists and that is a safe place to share your candid photos of women. We have simple rules that you can find here.

Creepshots is simply playing off the media and the general public’s building up of this term. We don’t find the idea of taking pictures of beautiful women in public (clothed or nude) or in private (clothed) to be creepy but if you are going to make a big deal out of it then why not own it?

This site was built using free and paid software to get us off the ground. In the future, if the site gains traction, we plan to put time in and use a framework to build only what we need and nothing more so that we can better control the code and the feature set.

Regardless, what we have put together with this first release is one of the best sites out there for Candid photos. We want this to be about the users so we will be working to make sure that you can be rewarded for your content. Right now that simply means we let you add a Bitcoin address that will appear under each image you share.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Creepshots!