Our rules are simple and allow us to maintain this site at the lowest cost possible which means we don’t spam you with ads or paywalls.

  • No underage photos. If it looks close, your submission will likely be rejected.
  • Quality > Quantity. Poor quality photos will likely be rejected.
  • No personal information. Your account will be deleted and banned immediately.
  • Female nudity only.
  • No watermarks on images.

We reserve the right to make judgement calls if something doesn’t fall into the above. The goal of this site is to allow you to share public photos and photos you have taken. Anyone that threatens the goal of the site will be removed.


  • Help keep our gallery clean! We have a report button and its mostly for duplicate images. If you see that there is a duplicate image, report it. The older image will be retained and any comments or likes on the deleted image will be transferred to the older image. As we said, quality over quantity!
  • All images are stripped of EXIF data on upload.